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This portfolio showcases a selection of projects that highlight my skills and dedication. Each case study details my approach to solving specific client challenges, demonstrating my capacity to deliver high-quality results consistently. Dive into my work to see how I bring ideas to life.

Case studies


Integrated Web Solutions Development


Composable Content and Commerce Out-of-the-Box Now Possible in a Seamless Interface

Bootstrapped and lead a team to deliver the whole website and app now used by the company and its clients.

Working with Dorell has been nothing but pleasure. He made this product available to everyone today and has been used all throughout our clients.

Philippe B., CEO of WebriQ


App development

Sanity UI Schema Generator

A beautiful drag and drop to create Schema

Creating schemas with Sanity right now needs a certain level of knowledge and it's not by far the easiest to do especially if you just want to validate or bootstrap things. I created this tool to make it for everyone to test and try things out easily. Surprised to see some event use it to do content modeling.

I'm basically just scratching my own itch here but for really it's also a way for me to showcase my capabilities as a dev and hoping that this project will be useful for others in the community.

Dorell James, Website Owner

JS Cebu

App development

Automated Testing Workshop Series

Saw an opportunity to create workshop series to help everyone learn how to do automation testing on their apps.

Led the JS Cebu org to do these workshop series, created course materials for easy reuse in the future and organized the events.

Testing is something that I have always been passionate about. Having the means to share my knowledge and paying it forward for others is nothing but a dream come true.

Dorell James, Automation Testing Workshop Master

You will not believe it but Dorell's been us for over than a decade now and he is nothing more than reliable and trustworthy developer you could ask for.

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